Dog Washing only, Sorry no clipping. 

Have a party and save! Ask about having a doggie party with your dog loving friends and everyone gets a discount.

Save a life! Discounts apply to rescue dog foster parents and people who have just adopted a dog from the pound or animal refuge! Please contact for details.

Prices are based on time and requirements of your dog. Breeds listed as sizing and coat thickness is a guide. Dogs will be priced according to their individual needs 🙂

Warm Hydrobath, Blow Dry, Brush, Nails & Cuddles

Additional charges will apply for excessive  knots, matting and undercoat.

$5 off additional dog/s at the same address


KC wash web



xSmall such as Chihuahuas.

Short haired small dogs






Shaved Maltese,

Staffie . . .





rex kiss


Long haired Maltese

Thin / single coated German Shepherd

Labrador, Dalmatian, Blue Healer, Doberman

shaved Golden Retriever and Border Collie.




Small-Med thick multi coat German Shepherd,

Great Dane


Golden Retriever

Border Collie.





St Bernard

heavily matted or  X large  German Shepherd



does your dog shed a bit

$ Additional charges will apply

Severe matting & knots

Large amount of undercoat to be removed.



Yorkshire brush$30 DIY grooming lesson

Got a new puppy or a doggy that “doesn’t like” being brushed?

Grooming your dog is not only beneficial for the health and condition of the coat, it is also a wonderful bonding experience.

Once you and your doggy know how to make this a fun and loving time you will enjoy this special time with your fur-baby!

Keep your dogs coat maintained between washes, Cherie will teach you and your dog how.